Day of the Longboat

This weekend, the Scandinavian Vikings are ready to take on the UBC Rec event Day of the Longboat. For those of you not familiar with the event,  the UBC Rec website describes it as “a ten-man voyager canoe race along the waters of Jericho Beach. Teams race East from the Jericho Sailing Center to a point on Jericho beach where one person leaps from the boat, collects a baton from the beach, and then hops back into the boat. The boats then return to Jericho Sailing Center and this same person gets out of the boat and rings a gong, signaling the completion of the race.”.

 If you are interested in coming out and cheering on the SNCA team, our first heat is at 08.00 on Saturday morning. Depending on how well we do, we either race on Saturday afternoon or on Sunday. For more info on times and advancements, check out the UBC Rec website.  We are also planning on going for breakfast after the race on Saturday and everyone is welcome to join.

Good luck to the team and I hope to see some of you out there cheering on the SNCA boat.


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