Tandem UBC

Tandem students from Tandem UBC website picture gallery.

Tandem students from Tandem UBC website picture gallery.

Happy New Year! We’re back at it with gusto! There are so many fabulous things to do this term. Here’s something for students at UBC. Thanks to Fiona Thompson for passing this on:

This is a great program, Tandem Learning at UBC. It’s a FREE student-run language program. If anyone is willing to offer help another student in a language (French, Swedish, Norwegian, etc) PLEASE sign up for this!

From their website:

What is Tandem UBC?

The Tandem UBC Language Exchange Program is a free and completely student-run initiative that started off with a very successful pilot project in Spring 2011 by then-graduate student Mary Leighton. Since then, the program has grown and evolved in multiple ways, and this Fall 2012 semester almost 700 UBC students, faculty and staff applied to the program.

The structure of Tandem UBC is as follows: participants that wish to practice a language get paired up with someone who speaks this language and at the same time wants to improve in the language the first person speaks. Pairs meet for a total of 10 or 11 weeks for 1.5 hours every week, either at facilitated sessions that take place at the Global Lounge and at the Meekison Arts Student Space, or independently. In both cases, participants are supported with suggested activities and conversation topics from the Tandem UBC Handbook, as well as by the guidance of trained Tandem UBC Volunteer Facilitators.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

So, for instance, I help you with French for half the time, and you help me with Swedish for the rest of the time. All levels are accepted. Here’s the link for the signup: http://goo.gl/WD82D

Check out their Webpage for more info: Tandem UBC

In addition, you have to go to the Global Lounge to physically sign up, before Jan 16.


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