Paper 3D stars

There are many crafts that are done at this time of the year in Scandinavia, for instance folding 3D stars out of paper. Once you get the hang of it, they’re super easy to do and make a fun craft to do with friends over coffee or glögg after dinner. If you go for the glögg the stars might be a little lop-sided! 🙂

You can make them with pre-cut and measured paper kits, or you can make your own strips. A good ratio for measuring them is 1:30. Be as accurate as possible when you cut the paper or you might find it quite difficult to get the strips to push easily through the slots between the folds.

Here’s a link to a really good 3D paper star folding tutorial complete with pictures:

Here’s a picture of some we made IMG_1810

Have fun! Make many and festoon your tree with them!


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