Scandinavian Christmas Recipes: Glögg

Fiona from the club has posted a strong glögg recipe on her blog which we’re sharing here. Her recipe says to prepare the glögg a week in advance, but if you’re out of time and have to do it the same day you serve it, it’s okay, don’t worry… It will still be delicious! Enjoy!


Loosely translated from Det svenska köket by Schildt-Landgren… want some alcohol with your alcohol?? Hope you thought to prepare this ahead of time… it takes a week.


150 ml unflavoured spirits (eg Absolut vodka) [about 2/3 cup]
6 cinnamon sticks
30 whole cloves
2 pieces dried ginger
1 dried bitter orange peel
2 tbsp cardamom seeds
2 bottles red wine
4 dl sugar [about 1 3/4 cup]

Almonds and raisins for serving.

Put vodka and all spices in a container, such as a glass bottle. Let sit at room temperature for 1 week.

Warm up a little of the wine and let sugar dissolve in it. Strain out and discard spices from vodka and mix with all the wine.

Serve warm (but do not boil!!) with raisins and almonds.


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