Scandinavian Christmas Recipes

Nu Är Det Jul Igen - Karl Larsson (1907)

Nu Är Det Jul Igen – Karl Larsson (1907)

Do you have memories of a tree dressed with twinkling lights, presents wrapped and tucked under it and darkening days enveloping us earlier and earlier as we prepare for our Christmas feasts?

Do you have a favourite recipe that you or someone you know would make, that brings back good memories of Christmases past?

Would you like to share your favourite Scandinavian Christmas recipe with us?

Please share your favourite recipes and we’ll compile them and put them together on a separate page for everyone to enjoy.

What’s your recipe called in the language of the place it comes from? For instance, Jansson’s Delight is Janssons Frestelse in Swedish. Maybe you have a favourite family recipe that’s been handed down from generation to generation. Maybe there’s a story attached to it. Let us know about it.

We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to post your recipe in the comments below, or Email us and we’ll compile them as they come in.

Happy festive cooking!


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