Fika, Freyja and Fridays: What They Have In Common

Fika (noun or verb) – An informal Swedish expression that means ‘coffee and a snack’, as in “shall we go for a fika?“; can also express the activity of drinking coffee and eating a snack, as in “shall we fika?” Other beverages (traditionally non-alcoholic, such as tea or cocoa) can be substituted for coffee.

Freyja – Old Norse goddess of love, sex, war, beauty, prophecies and attraction. The Anglo-Saxon form of Freyja is Frigga. The name Friday is named after this goddess of love, and in the Romance languages it comes from the name Venus, as in vendredi in French, venerdi in Italian and viernes in Spanish. Shukravar is Friday in India, from Shukra, the Vedic god of love (for more info: Wikipedia/Freyja ).

Friday – What’s not to love about Fridays? It’s named after a goddess of love, it’s the end of the traditional work-week (but more importantly of the school week), and it’s a great day to get together for a fika!

There’s two kinds of Fridays SNCA likes: Fika Fridays and Fermented Fika Fridays. We go to Hälsö Konditori for fika and to Koerner’s Pub downstairs in the Graduate Building for the fermented variety. Come join us for either. We’ll post the time and date, but you can be sure it’s on a Friday, because everyone loves Fridays.