Vancouver International Film Festival Scandinavian Films


The Smell of Paradise
More than ten years in the making, this documentary spans the globe to uncover the roots of Jihad and the idea of the abode of Islam. The US war on terror may well be fueling the flames of an epic struggle that crosses all international boundaries and pits different ideologies in a bloody and possibly endless struggle for supremacy.

Fri, Oct 13 11:00 am Pacific Cinematheque $7.50


Hardest of These Is Love
A young woman asks about love, marriage and dating in her Sami town with humorous and frank results.

Wed, Oct 11 9:45 pm Empire Granville 7 Theatre 2 $9.50
Fri, Oct 13 1:15 pm Vancity Theatre $7.50



Falkenberg Farewell

It’s the last summer in Falkenberg, a tiny seaside town in rural Sweden, for five former friends. Some want to escape the looming future, while others run towards it. Director Jesper Ganslandt’s personal exploration of the age-old story of leaving home and starting anew as an adult, filled with bittersweet nostalgia, is alternately goofy and touching.

Wed, Oct 11 9:00 pm Empire Granville 7 Theatre 4 $9.50
Thurs, Oct 12 3:00 pm Empire Granville 7 Theatre 1 $7.50